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Black and White Birthday Card

2014-03-16 17.01.18a

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Sunflowers Shimmer

I don’t talk about it much, but I have been writing some poetry.  I took a class this summer, and enjoyed it thoroughly, as I have never learned much about it.  So tonight, I have decided to share… This is one of my favorites so far…

Sunflowers Shimmer

Sunflowers shimmer

As dew drops dance

On petals translucent

Stalks green as garnet

Sway gently in warm wispy breezes

Stretching for silos casting serene shade

Over seas of canary colored petals

Following namesake across sky

In last days

Head drops heavily

Like brass bells

Swollen with abundance

With crunchy treats nutrient full

Treat for tummies

Little and old

Work to crack out little nibbles

Birds fling from feeders and nests

Planting mini crops for following year

© HMF July 13,2014

SunflowersThis is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

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My Two Blonde Girls

This year I have been taking a class called When Frogs Sing.  I love it!  We learn something new every 3 weeks.  Lately, I have been posting more of what I have done in the class.  This last round we have been learning how to draw, shade and color folk and semi realistic faces.  Here are a couple I have done.  I call them ‘my 2 blonde girls’ (although, they are really both the same girl. ;)
2014-09-20 11.02.47a

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Pink Happy Birthday Cards

Here are a couple more cards I made for Operation Write Home.  Yes, they are in the pink family again (you can’t say I didn’t warn ya! ;) )  For me it was really interesting to play a bit with the color.  I like the way the mint green color makes the Happy Birthday pop!  And the different effects that resulted from using a dot or stitching design for embellishment (you may have to enlarge to see the detail.)

2014-02-23 16.54.06a

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Graphite Chickadee

Here is a chickadee I sketched a while back.  I am not usually a bird person, but I am still kinda proud how this one turned out…2014-03-14 13.21.14A

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Brightly Colored Cards for OWH

This was the beginning of my bright color/red family/pink-ish phase.  You have been warned. ;)

Here are a couple of cards I made for Operation Write Home and I believe the sketches were OWH as well.
2014-02-23 16.50.34a


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Doodles in My Journal

A few doodles I did early this year as part of Rhomany’s When Frogs Sing class. #wfs2014

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